***NOTE:  5407 will NOT be sent unless this form is submitted complete including e-mail addresses for Listing Agent; Selling Agent; Title Agent; Buyer.   Online payment of the 5407 fee is accepted as the seller signature.  E-mail ( or Fax (610) 601-1550 the form when complete.
ARCHITECTURAL MODIFICATION REQUEST FORM  Please complete and submit this form PRIOR to making any exterior modifications to property within Quarry Ridge.  Many applications required a completed estimate of the work to be completed and/or a survey of the property to be modified.
HOA VIOLATION COMPLAINT REQUEST - Complete this form to request evaluation of conditions on member properties or common elements.  Upon receipt and verification of this form from a QRCA Member, the QRCA Executive Board will investigate and take appropriate action.  Many issues of concern are properly within the Sadsbury Township building and zoning ordinances and codes.   For your convenience, the Sadsbury Township Complaint Form is included in this document.  To the extent reasonable and available, photographs will facilitate and expedite the quality of the response.

2024 Board and Association Documents:  Documents will open in a new window.
The 2024 Board of Directors is:  Joe Catanese (2024); Cathy Delia (2025); Bill Jones (2025); Karol Smith-Williamson (2024); Greg Witmer (2025)